Pool Safety First!

What is the most IMPORTANT?

Your family, quality time with your family, and your family’s safety.

What we have done…

  • Advocate pool safety first!
  • Educate families about “layers of safety.”
  • Provide options to create layers of safety.

What YOU can do…

  • THINK about safety.
  • Formulate a PLAN.
  • CARRY OUT your plan.

NEVER take your family’s safety for granted!



  • Teach your child to swim.
    This protects them for life in all waterways – lakes rivers, oceans, etc!
  • Teach and enforce safe enjoyment of the pool.
    No running near the pool, no diving head first – except off dive boards, no jumping or climbing on others in the pool, no swimming alone, no swimming if intoxicated!
  • Use life jackets while they learn.
  • Create your own pool SAFETY network!
    Ask us about ideas & products to employ layers of safety in your pool!
  • Always supervise swimming children.
  • Always designate a specific water watcher.
    Especially during pool parties with multiple adults and children. We use an ID badge holder on a lanyard with instructions for 30min shifts. The watcher does not eat, read, play on the phone or engage in conversation; they only WATCH the children swimming! MANY drownings occur in large groups!
  • Know CPR!
    Contact redcross.org for information.
Dead Bolt

Hidden dead bolt locks (installed out of reach) on all exterior doors will deny access to your pool from inside your home.

Pool Alarm

Pool alarms that sense changes in surface tension to indicate if something falls in the pool.

Baby Loc Fencing

Temporary Mesh Fencing – Anchors in your deck and can then be removed when no longer needed.

Traditional Fencing

Permanent Traditional Fencing – Denies unwanted access to your pool.

Home Security System

Home Security Systems – Can be used to restrict and monitor access to your pool.

Safety Wrist Bands

Safety Wrist bands for children or pets – Alerts you if they are immersed in water.

Door alarm

Wireless, battery-powered door alarms for all exterior doors, gates, and windows that provide access to your pool.

Automatic Safety Cover

Fully Automatic Pool Safety Covers- Keep the pool covered & safe for kids and pets AT ALL TIMES.