Kayak On-Ground Pools

Kayak pool with family

Experience the superior quality of life that comes with pool ownership but with less cost than an in-ground pool and durability and longevity that far exceed a traditional above ground pool! Kayak On-ground Pools boasts a full 30 Year warranty on the heavy gauge aluminum framework PLUS an incredible lifetime warranty on their proprietary waterwalls! Enjoy quality family time splashing in your pool, playing games or just floating under the sun! Experience health & fitness in a whole new way that makes activity and movement fun! Enjoy greater ease of maintenance with built-in floor drains- just like an in-ground pool! So plan your next family get-together as a pool party … complete with tiki lights, music, and little paper umbrellas! Imagine a brand new lifestyle that promotes health, fun and outdoor entertainment in a budget-friendly and durable package! Browse, Dream and IMAGINE the “Spa-sibilities!”