Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like information about building a swimming pool… what should I do first?

A. You may email or call us for information anytime!

Phone: 573-893-2339

Or you can stop by our showroom!  We have brochures, price lists, and complete information packets for all of our products that you may simply pick up!


Q: I want to understand the differences between the types of in-ground pools… or, I have questions about the pros & cons of certain pool options and accessories.

A: We take pride in offering a no-pressure, consultative approach for our customers! You may call or email us anytime to schedule a personal one on one consult with the owner at our beautiful showroom. Here you may share all of your questions and ideas. We will provide expert and honest guidance to enable you to make the best possible decisions for your project!


Q: How will I know how much my pool project will cost?

A: We provide price lists and a general estimate in all of our information packets. Following your consultation in the showroom, you will receive an itemized proposal based on our discussion regarding your specific package preferences. This itemized, detailed proposal will include sales tax and any special discounts currently being offered. Generally, this number accurately reflects what costs you will incur from us. Electrical work is extra and will be charged to you directly from your chosen electrician.


Q: Do you ever offer special discounts or sales?

A: Yes! We offer sales usually 3-4 times per year. Usually early season, mid-season and late season… Please call to ask what sales are currently offered! We also offer ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS for Active and Retired MILITARY as well as Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters! We are grateful for your service! Please let us know if you qualify!


Q: I have concerns about my yard… will a pool work? What size will fit? Will I need leveling or a retaining wall?

A: A no-cost, no-obligation, professional consultation with the owner at your home site is always part of our customer service! Unless there are significant concerns (i.e. access for equipment, significant slope in the yard, etc.) we usually complete the showroom consultation and initial proposal before we schedule this site visit. We do not implement any high pressure, in-home sales tactics! We find that this is usually a more efficient way to proceed! Your professional site visit will include evaluation of issues such as yard space and slope, access for equipment, property setbacks, drainage issues, and your plan for a pool and decking layout, etc.


Q: How much of the work do you do yourselves?

A: Most of the work is directly performed by us! We use a subcontracted excavator whom we have worked with for many years for the pool excavation. However, we direct the dig. (All other machine work is typically done by us with our own equipment.) We do all the site prep work. We provide the pool delivery and setting for the wall panel building. We do all the backfilling and filling of the pool. For our VINYL pools, we do the pool-krete base work and install the liner ourselves. We do all of the plumbing and installation of pool equipment. We form, pour, and finish our own concrete (except in rare occasions such as new construction where the primary builder is preferred.) We do NOT do the electrical work ourselves. We have electricians that we can recommend or we can work with an electrician that you prefer. We always act as the general contractors for our pool builds and will coordinate with other contractors as needed.


Q: How long does it take to install an inground pool?

A: The actual build time varies depending on many factors, such as weather. Generally, installation of a Latham Fiberglass Pool typically takes 2-4 weeks and installation of a Latham Vinyl-lined Pool typically takes 3-5 weeks. This includes actual work days and is figured from the start of excavation to project completion when you are ready to swim!


Q: I want my pool ready by next Spring. How far ahead are you booked?

A: Our early Spring installation schedule is often booked by the previous Fall. Of course, this varies; so feel free to contact us any time to get an update on our schedule!


Q: What do I need to do to get on the installation schedule?

A: The general process is as follows:

  • Pick up and look through information packets
  • Have consultation at showroom & determine project inclusions
  • Receive itemized proposal
  • Have a site visit with the owner
  • Review paperwork, sign the contract, and put a deposit down on your project!

Deposit amounts are listed on the draw schedule provided in your packet and are generally 45% of the proposed total. The Deposit is what actually holds your place, and this is always done on a first come, first served basis!